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Life through the rear-view mirror

August 28, 2012 I USED TO BE disdainful of those who immerse themselves in genealogy, who spend much of their lives searching for that one drop of royal blood that will validate their own existence, as if their own lives were … Continue reading

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These words were uttered a little more than 42 years ago, by Edward Kennedy, eulogizing his brother Robert. I’ve been thinking a lot about these remarks this year as I listen to what passes for political discourse this election year, … Continue reading

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Mourning for an endangered species – the village

(I wrote this for USA Today and it appeared on March 3, 1997) Not long ago, I was at the 88th birthday celebration of my Tía Chavela – Isabel Espinoza Palomo. Ever since, I have been haunted by the scene … Continue reading

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The Day that Urban Renewal Made Strangers Out of Two Women Who Had Been Like Sisters

[This is part of a column I wrote sometime in the 1970s for the Hays County Citizen, with some edits.] BACK WHEN URBAN Renewal first came to Crystal City it decided that it was going to put a road right through … Continue reading

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