Have I told you lately that I love Spain?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
WELL, I SPOKE too soon. It’s raining gatos y perros. It’s around 4 pm and my flight is not until 9:30 tonight, and I’ve already checked out of my hotel, so I can’t go to my room to take a nap.
Not to worry, in Spain, the gods provide. I found a nice bar not too far from my hotel. I sat outside under a giant umbrella but the waitress warned that I would get wet and invited me inside. I ordered a beer and thought about ordering some food but before the waitress came around, the bartender placed a small plate in front of me. On it was a small sausage sandwich with a marinara-like sauce and a handful of potato chips. I started to protest that I had not ordered anything but instead kept quite and began to nibble at the food. I did not think I was hungry but apparently I was because that sandwich tasted great. Despite my nibbling, the sandwich and chips were gone all too quickly. So was the other beer. I waited a while and then ordered another one. A few minutes after the beer arrived, the bartender put another small plate in front of me. This one had a bunch of green olives ant two small ham croquettes, which is what I had been thinking of ordering.
They to are gone now. Gone also are the olives.
My second beer is about half gone. I want it to last. But I wonder: if I order a third beer, will I get more food? I may find out soon, as the rain is not showing any signs of letting up.
I love Spain.

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Former Texas reporter, columnist and editorial writer.
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1 Response to Have I told you lately that I love Spain?

  1. As-tu commandé une troisième bière ? Comment était ton troisième tapas ?

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