Melted cheese, good conversation

May 3, 2011 | Neyruz, Switzerland

TONIGHT WE HAD raclet for dinner. Raclet is a firm, buttery Swiss cheese. The way my friends eat it is melted, using a heating contraption that melts the top portion of the cheese round half. When there is enough melted cheese for a portion, the head of the family removes the cheese round from under the heat and, with a knife, slides the melted cheese onto his own plate and places the cheese back under the heater. According to Jean-Maurice, it is the host’s duty to determine if the melted raclet is good enough to serve to the rest of his family and/or guests. When there is more melted cheese, he serves the next person, and then the next, so that at no one time are all people around the table enjoying the delicious cheese. The melting and the servings continue until everyone says, “no more,” or until there is no more cheese.

The melted cheese, over which black pepper is sprinkled, is eaten with boiled potatoes and small pickles, and with white wine. And good conversation is essential.

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1 Response to Melted cheese, good conversation

  1. Isabelle says:

    A great evening and delicious raclette, more good times to remember 🙂

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