Was lost but now … it’s not

You know that ring that I lost? Yeah, the silver ring with the tiny green stone I found at a friend’s friend’s shop in San Miguel.
It’s not lost. It was. Until I found it in one of my bags. Apparently it slipped off my finger as I was rearranging stuff in my bags at the Geneva airport. Gotta be more careful with that damn thing.

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Former Texas reporter, columnist and editorial writer.
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1 Response to Was lost but now … it’s not

  1. Françoise says:

    Hi, dear Juan,
    So glad to learn that you found back your ring!
    When Chabela told me you had probably lost it in Geneva, I felt really very sorry for you. I was almost sure that it happened during the control formalities at the airport, as Isabelle and me were “spying you”, taking out your things from the hand luggage and putting them back.
    But today we were in Neyruz, with dear Dad and my nephews, for the Mothers Day and she told me you got it back. We, as usual, had a fantastic day and very good Menu, with Isabelle’s special touch and spices.
    It was really so nice to finally meet you “en chair et en os”, as we use to say in French !
    And to share those moments together, before you flew to/for London to discover Brenda’s special and fabulous “Mango-Grape Lassi” !
    I hope you turned back home happy and not too tired from your Hispano-Suisso-British trip. It was really nice to read the details of it, written in that “vivacious” style…
    A big hug,

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