Back in the saddle again

Monday, July 5, 2011

THE DAY IS over and I think I can safely say that I’ve made it. I’m back on track. I had my usual breakfast (Trader Joe’s version of Cheerios, berries and milk, and toast and peach jam), and I had a big salad for lunch (with just a bit of chicken). In between I had fruit, fruit and more fruit, and some cherry tomatoes. I also had a small WW 2-point candy bar, and some Trader Joe thin almond biscotti, for a total of about 15 points (including breakfast). The real test, however, was whether I’d go on my 11-mile bike ride after work. I didn’t know if I would it until I turned my bike south on 11th Street, towards the National Mall. Up until that point, I was still tempted to ride home to take a nap, which used to be my normal after-work routine before I started all this. But I did it and I survived and I enjoyed it and I felt great when I got home all hot and sweaty, and I knew that I had ridden over the hump that normally is my undoing. I had leftovers for dinner, a rice dish I’d cooked last week, also with a small amount of chicken. It was more rice that I thought it would be, but still, the whole thing was probably no more than about 9 points. And then I had a large 2-pointer WW candy bar, so I ended using up all of about 22 points. Which means I still have about 17 more to go. No way I’m going to eat 17 points worth of food between now and bedtime, so I guess I’ll be making up for whatever extra points I consumed the last two days. I’m still doubtful that I’ll lose any pounds this week, given that I may only be able to squeeze in one more long bike ride before I weigh in on Saturday, but I am also confident that if I gain, it will be a small gain, and I’m OK with that. The thing is that I’m back on track, back on program. The rewards will come later. Actually, the rewards are already starting to come. People at work and elsewhere are beginning to notice that I’ve lost weight, and commenting on it. And that’s a damn good feeling.

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1 Response to Back in the saddle again

  1. Ann says:

    I’ve lost some weight too–continue to inspire me!

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