April 27, 2012
After four days of wandering and roaming and visiting, I am in Crystal City, my hometown, in deep South Texas. I am sitting on a bench on my sister’s front porch, enjoying the cool southeasterly winds. They won’t be cool much longer; the weather people tell us it will heat up to 106 degrees this afternoon. I arrived around 6 yesterday, and almost as soon as I walked in my sister’s front door, the power went off. Apparently the whole town (8,200 population) lost it’s power. While yesterday was not as hot as today promises to be, it was hot. We stayed inside for a while but then decided it would be cooler outdoors so we moved to the patio. It wasn’t cooler, but it was still nice sitting outside as the late afternoon turned into evening. Fortunately, the lights came on after a couple of hours. I don’t know what we would have done if we’d had to sleep in the heat.
Survived, I guess, just as we did in the old days when AC was something the well-off families had.
Breakfast calls. Later.

About juanzqui7

Former Texas reporter, columnist and editorial writer.
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