And so it ends

Sitting in my sister’s patio, with Lillie on my lap, one final day, taking in the gradual transition from night to day, enjoying the slight cool breeze, listening to the sound of a distant motorcycle competing with the nearby sounds of a rooster’s crowing, grackles’ cacklings, doves’ cooings, ducks’ quackings and various other birds’ various other chirpings and tweetings. Lillie is my sister’s half dachshund-half beagle, a lap dog if there ever was one.
I am sad that I’m leaving, but it’s time. It’s been a good and relaxing visit and I’m ready to head east again. I’m driving to Bryan today to visit briefly with a friend then I’m heading north to Texarkana and from there easy through Arkansas and Tennessee until I get to Virginia, where I’ll take IH81 north to Washington. I should be home by Saturday afternoon, giving me two days to recover before I return to work in Tuesday.
In a short while my brother-in-law will join me after having first set up the coffee pot. I normally do that before coming out here but today I decided that coffee can wait; I wanted to spend as much time as possible out here, taking in the peace and beauty of las mañanitas.


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1 Response to And so it ends

  1. The Seeker says:

    I really enjoyed this road trip. It seemed extraordinarily colorful for some reason. Maybe it was the birds and the flowers blooming. Thank you!

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