And why are we supposed to believe this crap?

IN THE NEW York Times’ lead story today about Hillary Clinton’s big announcement, you will find this paragraph:

“Long before any ballots are cast, however, she faces enormous pressure to explain, in compelling terms, why she wants the job and is best suited to hold it.”

To support this contention, reporter Amy Chozick quotes a former Mitt Romney aide. No agenda there, I’m sure. 

Later, she writes that “Democrats say” that Clinton faces an exceptionally high threshold to deliver a persuasive rationale for running. 

Which Democrats? How many? She doesn’t tell us.

I guess such information is so sensitive that only Chozick can be trusted with it. 

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1 Response to And why are we supposed to believe this crap?

  1. Ann Chapman says:

    One factor might be the number of Democrats urging/begging her to run. Or the polls, maybe? The real unanswerable questions concern the Republicans running–a lot of them not very funny jokes.

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