Sitting under the shade of a tree in Plaza Allende. It is a beautiful day but warm under the intense sun. I’m taking a break after exploring in the Centro a bit.  The shade feels good. Every time I start walking around in a high-altitude city I am surprised how quickly I seem to run out of breath while walking or climbing. It takes a few days to get used to it and until then I’ll just have to take many breaks like this.

Blanca’s and Cavenaugh’s home is up on the hill so getting here was no problem. As Señor López, our driver, said yesterday, “downhill even a pumpkin can fly.” Getting back will be hard for this pumpkin won’t be able to fly.

I’m sitting across the street from Starbucks. I came here to make sure I know where it is because I’m supposed to meet someone there in about an hour.

I got a late start this morning after a scrumptious breakfast prepared by La Señora, as Blanca calls the beautiful woman who is in charge of the kitchen and the household. Eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, fresh corn tortillas, orange juice and coffee. And La Señora’s specialty, her deep red salsa. Last time I was here she made a batch for me to take home with me when I left. This time she won’t do that because I’m not going back home right away, but she gave me her recipe and I look forward to making it when I get home.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I think perhaps Sandra’s stories last night about ghosts and spirits were still in my mind.

(Sandra lives not too far from where I am. On a block between Calle Quebrada and Calle Beneficia. Or, as she puts it, “between broke and a charity case.”)

I’ve poked around here and there. I accidentally walked into a large room at the Oratorio de San Felipe Neri where a priest was doing confessions, and then sat in the main church while another priest said Mass.

I’ve taken plenty of pictures. I’m finding it hard to ween myself from my iPhone camera and use my SLR instead. It is so easy to use and the quality is not bad. And I’m into instant gratification.

Here’s my favorite so far from this mornin:

Sitting next to me is a young couple. High school age. Don’t know if they’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Probably not. The guy appears to be gay.

I was struck by an exclamation that came out of his mouth in response to something she said: “¡Verga!” (slang for penis).

Young people these days!

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