15 things to keep in mind about the Clinton email non-scandal

CRAZY TIMES CALL for keeping things in perspective. Here are 15 things that we should keep in mind in evaluating the brouhaha over FBI Director James Comey’s non-indictment indictment of Hillary Clinton:

  1. Donald Trump.
  2. Clinton may have been careless. She may have been arrogant, and she may have been stupid. What she wasn’t – and isn’t – is a criminal or a traitor.
  3. Donald Trump.
  4. Comey is first and foremost the director and defender of a vast law-enforcement bureaucracy that, from its inception, has been as concerned about its reputation as it has about protecting Americans. Investigators could not find anything illegal in the email non-scandal and Comey figured, rightly, that his FBI would be accused by right-wingers of being a tool of the White House, so he set out to cause as much damage to Clinton as possible, to prove his independence. It didn’t work, of course. Right-wingers, who would have only been happy if he had recommended a public flogging and hanging for HRC, are predictably in full-outrage mode.
  5. Donald Trump.
  6. This is the same James Comey who has foolishly, petulantly and without a shred of evidence claimed that the Black Lives Matter movement is to blame for rising crime rates.
  7. Donald Trump.
  8. As pointed out in a NYTimes piece today, there is a tendency in Washington to classify every document as secret or top secret. I would venture to guess that the overwhelming majority of the documents in question should have never been classified.
  9. Donald Trump.
  10. For almost her entire adult life, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been a good, competent, intelligent and well-intentioned public servant.
  11. Donald Trump.
  12. Bill Clinton was stupid in meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and she was stupid for chatting with him, but I have no doubt that not a word was uttered about the investigation during that meeting.
  13. Donald Trump.
  14. The vast rightwing anti-Clinton conspiracy is no myth. It exists and it is very well funded and it is as determined as ever to bring about Hillary’s downfall. It has never succeeded and it will not succeed now.
  15. Donald Trump.

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Former Texas reporter, columnist and editorial writer.
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3 Responses to 15 things to keep in mind about the Clinton email non-scandal

  1. Well done; posted it on my Facebook with the following comment: Another thing to note is that it is now more likely that tRump will be indicted for fraud relating to tRump University and/or Florida condominiums, tax evasion and being a racist, misogynistic, narrow-minded asshole (oh, sorry, tat last one is not really a crime) than it is that Hillary will be indicted.

  2. sg33tx says:

    Juan, well said! Great perspective!

  3. Rudy Pruneda says:

    As we used to say in the 60’s “Right on Brother”

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