Of Mice and Mexicans

YOU KNOW WHAT they say about best-laid plans? True, very true. Our Great Western Adventure was to start on Monday but it seems that a bum knee has thrown a monkey into the wrench (I heard a guy say that on the radio the other day).

The knee in question belongs to my sister Carmen. She went on her daily morning walk earlier this week and fell, hurting her knee. She didn’t think it was anything serious because it didn’t hurt that much and she could walk OK. But she had a doctor’s appointment a couple of days ago and went ahead and had her knee X-rayed. The resulting photo showed a cracked knee cap. She’s supposed to see a specialist but because of the long holiday weekend, she has yet to be able to make an appointment. 

So, we’re postponing our departure until after she sees her doctor. May be a couple of days. May be a week. May be a bit longer.
But we’re going. We have to because I bought myself a handy knife at REI the other day. I’ve never had a good knife for any of my previous camping trips, which made carving designs on our walking sticks very difficult. And we all know that a walking stick is not a  true walking stick without a good design carved into it. This time I’m prepared and no bum knee is going to get in my way. 

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2 Responses to Of Mice and Mexicans

  1. Misa says:

    OHNO I hope Tia heals quickly! Keep us posted on the great adventure!

  2. winenegress says:

    Even if she’s cleared to go, she should take a brace with her just in case. As an owner of pair of terrible knees, I can speak from experience.

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