The great camping trip that wasn’t

WELL, SO MUCH for the Great Camping Trip of July 2013. New knife or no knew knife, we ain’t agoin’, as Lorettie would say. The doctor said that while my sister’s knee wasn’t in that, going on a long trip simply would not be the prudent thing to do.

So we’re not. At least not this month. If things go well, we will try again in a little over a month, which is about the time during which we have done most of our camping forays in the past. It’s a disappointment, of course, but my sister’s health is more important. She feels bad that she’s holding the rest of us back but we have all been sincere in our assurances that it’s not that big of a deal.

In the meantime, I just have to figure out what I’m going to do with myself for the next five or six weeks. I will eventually have to make my way back to Houston, but I think first we’re going to try to make a short camping trip to the Hill Country north of here.

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2 Responses to The great camping trip that wasn’t

  1. zoe cowan says:

    Sorry about your sister and the trip. However, this is the perfect opportunity to come and visit your old friends in DC!

  2. Lola says:

    Seesters health is definitely more important. I would do the same. Good call. Will Hando still be making his visit here?

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